Texas we in you!

Adventures of some radical ladies

Texas we in you!

Okay, we fucking made it out of Louisiana yippie! We got a late start on Monday, thanks to Mr. Peepers dragging ass and not returning to camp in a timely manner. But we made it out to Sam Houston National Forest. This place has lakes and some nice but really expensive campsites ($ 30 a night). They have electric, bathrooms w/ showers, fire pit, camp pad, blah blah blah… wheres the fucking wifi. So the 110-volt normal plugs didn’t work at all nor did the ones on the sites next to us which was annoying cuz we just paid $30 for that specific reason we wanted power.

I get a fire going after scrounging around for wood and pine cones. We ate the boudin and a link of sausage we got at Poche’s outside of Lafayette.

We decided to fire up our generator, THANKS FOR MAKING THAT CLUTCH AF PURCHASE JAMIE YOU RULE <3

Poche’s is totally worth the stop get you some badass boudin and meats and totally try the crawfish etouffee it is amazing.

We checked out a podcast about the #metoo movement called Rice Bunny… They censor the hell out of Chinese people. It was an interesting thing to learn about but showed me how good we have it even though our political climate is trash at the moment. At least, for now, I can write this blog and speak my mind. They really love to crush any type of resistance in China super quick like they just erase it off the internet. But somehow these folks found a sneaky way to get around it by using comments on a cryptocurrency.

Anyways we putzed around for a while and ended up crashing. Around 4 am Mr. Fucking Peepers aka escape cat extraordinaire wanted outside so he terrorized us for about 30 min until Jamie was like fuck this you going to the car. And then we got some sleep and were able to depart our site at a reasonable hour and freshly showered to boot.

Yay, I got my period, thank god I use a diva cup. Oh, I had this annoying period headache too but I finally ate a badass burger and some ibuprofen and I was better. We tried to find some thrift shop outside of Montgomery but it wasn’t in sight. and I got this dope ass shirt from another one that is acid g-maw to the nth degree.

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