Second day and night

Adventures of some radical ladies

Second day and night

Okay, so we kind of got stuck in the middle of nowhere Louisiana for a bit there. It was a spot outside of Alexandria, LA called Kisatachie National Forest. Super pretty place with gators, chiggers, and lightning bugs. You can really see all of the stars out there and unplug. Unfortunately for us, the wild child cat named Mr. Peepers didn’t get the fucking memo of our timeline. He broke out the first night after multiple first-night adventures and did not return until the evening of that next day. We had some grand plans to leave in the am and head to outside of Austin but that got pushed back.

So Sunday after we searched for an hour we decided to head to town for things like groceries and the other necessities for said escape artist cat. He still was gone until that evening and once he came back he fucking ran off again on us. Then finally came back and got him inside the Holiday wrangler. Around 3 am he went nuts clawing all over screens to leave and finally Jamie let him out on the leash and harness. He managed to get super tangled and escape from the fucking harness in the middle of the night which ruined our early departure and royally pissed off Jamie.

We rolled over to this coffee shop and got coffee and I checked emails cuz it was Monday. Totally got some work in and we grabbed a few things from the dollar store and headed back to camp to see Mr. Fucking Peepers chilling waiting. And then he ran off to this drain that he was hanging out in. So Jamie was like alright cat “I’m gonna wait your ass out”. About 30 min later she has him in her arms and we are finally departing Louisiana very excited to head to Texas.

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